November 7, 2013

the right combination of words

I turned twenty-two this past Monday and I still am a little in shock. At age twenty-two I will graduate college and hopefully start a big girl job. There are so many unknowns coming up and, while that does stress me out from time to time (I'm only human, people), it really excites me. Fun fact about Katelyn: I have wanderlust. Bad. I want to "go places and see people." I want to experience the world and find a job that I love. I know many of you college grads reading this are thinking, "C'mon, girl. That's what we all want, but life isn't that simple." Maybe you're right. Maybe I am naive for thinking this way, but who ever said big things can't happen to small people? I want to do things that are bigger than myself and I want to meet people and hear their experiences. I have no idea where I will be working or living eight months from now, but, in my eyes, the possibilities are endless.

I have to admit, I've been feeling extremely down inthe dumps lately. Being bogged down with school, work, and other commitments, I haven't had much time for fun let alone sleep. I'm working hard to renew my spirit though. I want to stop worrying so much and start truly experiencing and learning more. I've been taking the time to read more beautiful words in Scripture and literature. I took this picture for my photography class and it's just really stuck with me and I've been spending time being inspired by amazing photography as well. It's amazing how the right combination of words or a single photograph can ignite something powerful inside your whole being.

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