September 16, 2013

the one about life going too fast

I heard someone say, "Two weeks down, thirteen weeks to go." For some reason hearing that really freaked me out and made me realize how fast these past couple weeks have gone and how fast the rest of this semester will most likely go with everything going on. All of a sudden will be the scavenger hunt event I've been working on, then Halloween, then my birthday, then Thanksgiving, then all of a sudden it's finals.

Then I only have ONE. MORE. SEMESTER.

It's weird to think about, but it's got me thinking about how fast my schooling and my life has gone so far. I know I'm only twenty-one, but my thoughts sometimes are, "How am I already twenty-one?!" I try really hard to not stress about finding a job after school because whatever is going to happen will happen whether I stress about it or not, but I tell ya. The thought of graduating and in a few months having to start paying back student loans without a full-time job really worries me.

For all you college grads out there, any tips on how to deal with the stress and the best way to look for job for after school?

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