September 12, 2013

the one about being excited for fall


Fall by rattray-katelyn

I have to admit, as much as I hate that it means a cold, harsh winter is coming, I love fall in Milwaukee. Heck, I love fall anywhere. It's such a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing and fall trends are by far my favorite of the year. It cool enough for layering and sweaters, but warm enough that you don't have to wear a coat and cover up your fashionista self.

I'm definitely all about neutrals which is why I think I love fall fashion so much. I'm excited to pull back out the oversized, snuggly sweaters and leggings, to walk around in my oxfords and boots again, and to accessorize with scarves and statements jewelry. But, ladies, I tell ya. The red lips come out in full force when fall comes around. There is something about my mostly neutral wardrobe that makes me want every outfit to be complete with red lips. Sigh.

Unfortunately, it's not quite fall in Milwaukee yet. We're getting there, but these warm September days are okay by me for a little bit longer if it allows me to stay blissfully unaware of the winter that is approaching.

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