August 28, 2013

the one about my goals for my final year of school

Let me tell you, I honestly cannot believe that I'm about to enter my last year of college in the next week. While I'm extremely excited to finish my studies and start a whole new part of my life, I have moments where it scares the bejeezers out of me. No more sitting in class, getting a "big girl" job, potentially living alone, maybe moving away. Who knows where the next year of my life will take me?

But nevertheless, I'm determined to start this year out right and really live it up my last year of being a student. I want...

- to blog more, even if it's just a few sentences about things that are happening because I want to remember this year
- to take more pictures
- to really enjoy Milwaukee more (who knows if I'll be living here after school?)
- to stress less about grades and more about really learning from teachers, other students, and people who have made their way into my life
- to take at least one trip
- to not feel guilty about taking some "me" time
- to make more music
- to be on the Dean's List at least one of my two last semesters
- to get my butt to the gym more
- to spend more quality time with friends

I'm praying hard for strength and motivation throughout this year.

P.S. Two hundred sixty-three days until graduation.

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