June 20, 2013

my not-so-little brother

I got to have a nice impromptu lunch date with my little brother yesterday and went to this fabulous little gem in the town I grew up in called the Anvil Pub & Grille. It was such a cute little restaurant tucked behind a couple other buildings on Main St.

Let me just tell you folks, I cannot believe how big my little brother is getting. He is going to be a high school sophomore this year and is starting driver's ed in a couple weeks and that is just crazy to me. My little Tanner is going to be driving soon! He is growing up into such a funny, kind-hearted, and wonderful young man (who I can't believe is taller than me now) and I can't wait to see him grow throughout the rest of high school years. It's been a blessing getting to watch him grow up and see where his life takes him.

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