May 27, 2013

that is love: memorial day

Of course, the first Memorial Day I've had off work in I don't even know how long...and it's raining and gloomy outside with a high of fifty-four degrees. This is why I'm not allowed to have off work: bad things happen. Last week I had a day off and I hit a deer with my car. Coincidence? I think not. I've decided that for the good of humanity I will work every day of my life from here on out. Pause. Not.

All joking aside, however, I hope you're all having a relaxing Memorial Day (and having better weather than in Milwaukee). Take the time today to thank those men and women that serve our country and remember those who have died defending your freedom. Let us give thanks today for the beautiful country we live in. We may experience our own unique sets of hardships, but we are truly blessed by God himself to be living in such a powerful, free, and amazing country. Never lose sight of that great joy.

I thought those words above were incredibly fitting for this day. The soldiers we remember today paid the ultimate price for our happiness and freedom...that is love, folks. True love. True love for your country and for its people.

So this is my personal thank you to all of you soldiers out there: new and old, still serving, veterans, and especially those who have fallen to the horrors of war to make sure we can all still lead our lives in this country the way we choose. May God bless all of your families richly for the loved ones you've lost.

Happy Memorial Day.

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